Parent, Pupil and ‘Team Gulval’ Feedback…

Pupil, Parent and Staff Survey Comments March 2017

Our most recent Ofsted questionnaire results are in following an excellent (and improved!) response rate. You can see the latest statistics by following this link, needless to say the staff team, led by Mr Baker are absolutely delighted! As always, thank you for your feedback, your support, encouragement and your challenge, you have helped shape our development plans and ensure we are providing a first class education for your children.


What do our amazing young learners say?

Red Class“I like learning about frogs, I love Gulval School”

“I like to share with my friends, I love drawing”

“Sometimes we have warning to think about things”

“Sometimes the teachers asks us to make good choices”

“Purple Class made friends with me when it was Chinese New Year”

I like all the pictures in the corridor”

“Miss Wise helps me with my numbers”

“I like to show my work to my friends and get smileys”

“I really enjoy school, I like lunchtime because I like eating”



Yellow Class“I like playing in the playground, the library is cool”

“Our school is magical, Miss Maun lets us do lots of cool things”

“I like Yellow Class because I have made lots of new friends”

“I like the K a Day because I get to walk with my friends”

“I like our classroom, I don’t like talking over someone and I like it when people are behaving”

“I love our new library because it is so so so amazing”

“I like going to nature club because you can learn loads about wildlife”

“Our school is magical, we get to learn new things. We get to learn times tables. We get rewards for being really good role models. It’s really good fun.

“The school badge has a peacock; the handprints are our school family”



Green Class“I like playing on the field and walking across the tyres that go flat, I like Gulval School because I’ve made lots of new friends”

“I love learning outside and I love assemblies because we sing”

“I love the teachers because they help us to learn and I love getting my karate reading band”

“I love everything but I like the skipping ropes, the climbing wall and the teachers the most because they make learning fun”

“I love the K a Day because it’s like exercising”

I really like Mr Markham and all the teachers because they listen to me”

“I like stroking the rabbits”

“I really like Gulval School because it makes me feel special, the school is amazing and has lots of activities”

“I like the memorial garden because it gives you chance to rest after school”

“Everybody is kind and has a best friend here”


Blue Class“I love being a part of this school, everyone is kind and caring. The teachers are really positive and “I enjoy it here”

“I love it here, there’s an adventure every day!”

“I love learning outdoors”

“There is lots of sport and lots of chances to play”

“I feel safe, teachers are helpful, there is lots of sport and the best thing is outdoor learning”

“This school is amazing because we get to learn outdoors”

“This school is magical!”

“I like this school because teachers tell me how well I am doing, if I am not feeling 100% the teachers help me”

“I think Mr Goddard is caring and supportive, outdoor learning makes me feel active”

If I’m worried I would use the Wishes and Worries box. I could also go to any teacher, or I could talk to Pip in the Thrive room about anything”



Purple Class“The learning is fantastic, fun and exciting and makes lessons better. Mrs Welch and the other teaching staff are amazing”

“There is always a fantastic learning environment, every lesson challenges me and helps me achieve my best”

“I think the school has improved a lot since Mr Baker came”

“I was getting bullied but I told Mrs Welch and it stopped straight away”

“Everyone cares about everyone else”

“I feel safe and I am improving in my work, it is fun and exciting when I’m at school”

“This school gives us life skills and gets us ready for Year 7”

“All the staff encourage me with things I enjoy like writing long stories, I know how well I am doing”

At Gulval School, dreams and goals can be easily achieved and are fun to accomplish”

“I know I am making good progress because the teachers tell me”

“I think we should have more Maths homework every weekend”

“Mr Baker is enthusiastic, he hopes our learning is a real head scratcher”

“The school makes sure we are in a healthy environment and deals with cases of bullying, although we rarely have them”

“My school is epic, Mrs Welch does a really good job”

“I love how the teachers are enthusiastic and engaging

“When I arrive at school I feel special”

“We did Survival school, go into the woods in the dark – no other school has ever done that! It is so much fun that you forget you are learning”

“I enjoy helping in Peacock cafe.  It gives me a sense of responsibility.  I like helping younger children”


 What do our staff ‘Team Gulval’ say? 

“I am extremely proud to be a member of staff at Gulval”

“The dedication and enthusiasm of the Principal spills over to staff and pupils alike”

“All staff are committed not only to the academic growth of the pupils but also their emotional development and well-being”

“My confidence and skill level has grown so much since starting at Gulval, I feel I have been encouraged, guided and allowed to develop in key areas”

“The school feels as if it is in a positive and confident place – I feel that I know what we are working towards”

“If I had children I would definitely send them here as it’s a brilliant school to learn”

“I feel supported in my professional development by all staff who go out of their way to support me”


And what do you, our community say?

“Our children are so happy and absolutely thriving, we know this is because of the supportive but also challenging learning environment created”

“It always feels like the teachers and TAs are working together as a team and we are warmly received every morning feeling that we are leaving our children in safe hands”

“We are so appreciative of the school’s support and quick response”

‘However you are teaching the children, I see such positive outcomes. Thank you”

“The difference in our children is simply amazing, and credit must go to your fabulous team” 

“… was so proud on the last day of term to tell us she had performed a dance in front of other students.  I’ve never seen a child come home with a bigger smile, ‘I did it Mummy, I really did it!’  For her, to do the things you’ve allowed her to do is such a HUGE achievement”

“You’ve allowed our children you’ve taken away the unnecessary pressures but given them knowledge to complete the work that is expected”

“You’ve given them experiences they could only dream of, and the confidence to achieve things they never thought was possible”

”… such wonderful teachers, they make learning exciting”

“Gulval is an outstanding school, and I truly believe that is down to the hearts of everybody that is involved in its development”

“We are incredibly happy, our son is feeling positive and encouraged to do, and think more than ever with her kind and supportive guidance”

“Such a supportive, nurturing and fun school. I appreciate all your efforts and think you have struck the right balance between being an educational place, an extended family type place, and an opportunity to explore and widen the horizons”

Absolutely over the moon with Gulval School. Incredibly nurturing with a sense of family values. All staff (and parents) are friendly and focussed on community. Very pleased with our children’s enthusiasm for learning. Even the 3 year old can’t wait to start!

“We appreciate the way the school as a whole really recognises and values different strengths, this is so important”

“Great school and a lot of happy students!”

I cannot fault Gulval School. From teachers, parents, children, the environment and support staff, all are supportive and positive. It’s a great school all round!”