Challenge Partners Review…Team Gulval Smashed It!

Challenge Partners Review…Team Gulval Smashed It!


On the 20th, 21st and 22nd on November Gulval School was visited by a team of external reviewers from Challenge Partners, a group that we invite in every year to carry out what is in effect a mini-Ofsted inspection. Our visitors were a group of 3 reviewers made up of an Ofsted Inspector, a Headteacher and a senior leader from schools based all over the country, as far afield as London!


I am absolutely delighted to report that, after three rigorous days of inspection (using the Ofsted framework and criteria) which included observations across all subjects, pupil interviews and learning walks, a review of our academic achievement and self-evaluation and School Improvement Plan, our inspection team confirmed our own belief that Gulval School is ‘Outstanding’ across all areas. Our learning environments and the positive relationships we develop with all pupils was hailed as exemplary practice something I was very proud to hear.


I am so pleased for my staff team who create amazing opportunities for our pupils but most pleasing of all was the complimentary things our review team said about our school and our pupils.  The Lead Reviewer commented that ‘interrelationships that happen between pupils and staff are exemplary…’ and that ‘Positive relationships within the school community has had a tangible impact on behaviour over time’.


I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank my staff team for their dedication, you our parents for your support and our pupils for their enthusiasm and hard work in continuing to make Gulval School an outstanding, happy place to learn.

Mr Baker


You can download and read the full report here . Gulval School Review Report WH


Challenge Partners Judgement

School Improvement StrategiesOutstanding
Outcomes for PupilsOutstanding
Quality of Teaching, Learning and AssessmentOutstanding
Overall EstimateOutstanding

Quotes from our review team;

‘Teachers have established very positive relationships at all levels.’

‘Interrelationships that happen between pupils and staff are exemplary and the foundation of the school is built on very strong relationships.’

‘Pupils have a sense of pride for their school.  They are proud to be learners at Gulval.’

‘A rich and engaging curriculum enables children to develop a very positive attitude towards learning.’

‘Positive relationships within the school community has had a tangible impact on behaviour over time.’

‘Teachers demonstrate strong subject knowledge which allows next steps to be readily identified.’

‘Developing resilience, challenge, perseverance and stamina are just as important as doing work!’ (Comments from pupil interview)

‘The statement from Bryk and Schneider (2002) ‘trust is a prerequisite to learning and academic success’ rings very true to the developments made in this school and it permeates all strata of the school community. For example, the mutual support between all staff is very high, enabling professional expertise and growth to quickly impact upon both academic and personal development of pupils. Sharing problems or difficult issues is encouraged and seen as a strength. Teachers have become self-­regulating and forward-­thinking which has allowed rapid growth and improvements, represented within the school improvement plan.”