A very special email from a Challenge Partner reviewer

Hi Paul,

I’m just sitting on the train and reflecting on the past few days.  I am leaving Penzance feeling utterly inspired by your drive for improvement.  You have a truly wonderful school that is a direct result of your staff working hard to improve standards; they are really wonderful!

What I’m taking away most is how important learning is for your children.  They love Gulval School, they love the staff, they love the ethos and ultimately they love coming to school.  ​Gulval really is an important part of the community it serves and everyone is proud to be a part of it.  That level of engagement from a community is something I’ve never seen.  It is probably something which you take for grated as it is truly embedded into life at Gulval.  However, I know that it is most unique and special.

I have no doubt that Gulval will go from strength to strength.  Take the ‘Outstanding’ – you and your team have earned it!

​All the best,



The above text is taken directly from an email Mr Baker received from a member of the Challenge Partner review team. The three day review was rigorous as you would expect so it was a very special email to receive, from a highly experienced member of our profession, who really ‘got’ our school. A perfect end to a busy week.

Oh, by the way, the featured image reflects our team spirit here in school and a direct quote from our review team; “…the mutual support between all staff is very high, enabling professional expertise and growth to quickly impact upon both academic and personal development of pupils. Sharing problems or difficult issues is encouraged and seen as a strength. Teachers have become self-­regulating and forward-­thinking which has allowed rapid growth and improvements…” mainly though it just reflects how bad Mr Baker is with a bow!