Emergency Closure Information for Parents 2018-2019

Emergency Closure Information for Parents 2018-2019


The school may be closed for children at short notice due to a number of circumstances, for example problems due to adverse weather conditions, problems with heating or electricity.

Three possible scenarios may occur when there are adverse weather conditions:

  1. The school will be openand all pupils are expected to attend. Class arrangements may be slightly adapted if some staff are unable to travel to work.
  2. The school will be closed, this will usually mean that School Lane and /or the school grounds are inaccessible, or a significant number of teaching staff are unable to travel to the school. In these circumstances opening the school would be deemed unsafe for staff and students.
  3. Owing to early morning snow fall it may be necessary for the school to delay making a decision about opening. In these circumstances pupils should not leave home until a definite decision about opening is made at 9am and school would open at a later time, of which you will be notified, or remain closed for the day.

We will try to make the decison to close the school as early as possible. Sometimes though, the authorisation sent through to County, which then gets passed to the radio stations can be delayed, particularly if they are overwhelmed with a lot of schools closing. Please listen to local radio stations, BBC Radio Cornwall or Pirate FM. A message  will be posted on the website  and school facebook site with information also sent to Cornwall Council’s Closures Board https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools-and-colleges/current-school-closures/ . If it is necessary to delay the decision making parents will receive an additional email and text at 9am.


Providing it is safe to do so, a member of staff will be on the school gate at the usual time to inform parents who may not have heard/received the closure information. Signs will also be placed on the gate.

Closure during the school day:

  1. Any decision to close the school early will be based on the need to ensure the safety of staff and pupils on their homeward journey.
  2. Staff living a long way from school may be sent home earlier if the weather deteriorates posing a risk to their journey, this could mean that classes are combined, or we may need parents to come and collect their children before the normal end of school time.
  3. If the decision is made to close the school early this will be sent to parents by email and text; posted on the school website and facebook; broadcast by local radio.
  4. Parents collecting pupils early are requested to collect on foot wherever possible to reduce vehicle movement.


To allow us to ensure you are kept up to date at all times and receive the daily bulletin, please ensure we are kept informed if you set up or amend your email address or have a new mobile phone number/contact number.